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It’s been over a year since you completed your first aid training. You have not experienced any unexpected emergencies, and you are not sure if you should refresh your skills. The simple answer is - yes you should. Research shows that Queenslanders lose the confidence to provide first aid after 12 months*.


73% of students feel confident commencing CPR after one year of receiving their first aid certificate. However, that percentage drops to below 50% after five years*.  Keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest first aid knowledge and skills is important.

If you are undecided about renewing your certificate here are a few reasons why you should:


1 – Keep your confidence and save a life.

Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. To your family, friend and/ even a stranger and it is up to you to manage the situation until emergency crew arrives. The key to managing these situations is to stay calm and confident. In reality, this is quite hard to do - even for those who have been trained in first aid or CPR.  Like many things in life, the key to success is repetition.  By undertaking training regularly, you will keep your confidence to handle these situations and save a life.


2 – Stepping stone in your career pathway.

You could be on the look-out for a new job. To gain an advantage, you can add a first aid qualification to your resume.  The first-hand experience you gain from learning first aid and using your skills could help you achieve your dream job. It also demonstrates your commitment to your career and developing your competencies in the workforce.


3 – Times change. Treatment change.

Over time first aid treatments change.  Gone are the days the Heimlich maneuver, sucking the venom out of snake bites and applying butter to burns. New technologies have also changed the landscape of first aid. Automated External Defibrillators were not as readily available to us as they are these days.


By refreshing your first aid skills, you ensure your skill are up-to-date with the latest knowledge and treatments methods.


What do the experts say?


The Australian Resuscitation Council and Work Safe Australia recommend that your skills should be updated regularly, through undertaking CPR refresher training annually and updating your first aid skills at least every three years.


The First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice recommends that first aiders should attend training on a regular basis to refresh their first aid knowledge and skills, and to confirm their competence to provide first aid.


By renewing your first aid and CPR training on a regular basis, you not only ensure you are informed about new techniques/technologies, but you are confident in your life-saving skills. So when you are at a restaurant, and a fellow diner begins choking, you’l know just what to do.


*St John Ambulance First Aid Customer Sentiment Index, 2015, Roy Morgan.

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